Welcome to the USS Corporal website

This website is dedicated to all the crews of the USS Corporal (SS-346) during the period she was in commission from November 9, 1945 to November 21, 1973. She was a steel boat manned by iron men. Like all "bottom gun" submarine sailors, the crews worked hard, helped each other, and knew how to have a good time.


August 2014 - A special thanks goes to Tom Bartlett, EN3(SS), Forward Engineroom (1967-1970), who did a great job maintaining the USS Corporal website over the last ten years. The site has been converted to a new format using the hundreds of files that were on the previous site. It will be undergoing additional changes throughout 2014 as more of our historical information is migrated here. If you have information or photos that are not on the website, then I encourage you to send them using the Contact Us tab. Feedback is welcome. Webmaster, David Kauppinen, MM2(SS), Forward Engineroom (1966-1968)