USS Corporal SS346

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Deck Log

Photos - USS Corporal SS346

Herein lies just some of the history of one proud lady.....

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1945 Launch

40's Key West

Cuba 40's

Cuba 40's

1949 Christmas Card

Malta 52

Malta 52

Malta 52

Guppy II

Corporal in Key West 52

Guppy II

Corporal & Taciturn Bermuda 55

What's that thud I heard on deck?

Unloading drop-in guest

Dublin Ireland 57

Dublin Ireland 57

Best Guppy II

Best Guppy II in the fleet

Charleston for conversion to Guppy III 1962


Guppy III all stop

Malta - Summer 64 - thanks Paul Body

Toulons France 67

Med moor 67

Portsmouth England - Cobbler Corporal

Holly Loch Scotland 1963 - In for snorkel head valve repair


St. Thomas 69

St. Thomas 69

Guppy III moving out

5 subs San Juan

6 subs Groton Base - Corporal second from R


Minimum Turns Caribbean

Gulf of Maine

Stern View Underway

Bow under swell

Bow breaking swell

Underway from aft deck Med 67

Philly Shipyard June 68

Drydock bow

Drydock stern


Cobbler Corporal

Out of Sight at Liner Pier

St. Thomas Above & Below decks

Cobbler Corporal Trumpetfish

San Juan - Corporal Center - Tullibee on R.

Corporal Cobbler St. Thomas Feb 69

Malta 67 Med Run

New London Gangway

Iraklion Crete 1969

Entering Monte Carlo Dec 69

Monte Carlo Harbor Dec 69

Monte Carlo Dec 69

Monte Carlo Christmas 69

Monte Carlo New Years 70

Hot Running SS346

Blenny 324, Cobbler 344, Corporal 346, Clamagore 343

Blenny 324, Corporal 346, Clamagore 343, Cobbler 344

1973 - Thames - thanks Steve "Barnicle Bill" Bournique

Turkey's Ikinci Inonu - scrapped 1996

Corporal Stern Tubes on display Naval Museum Istanbul Turkey 09/02

Deck Log

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